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Apparently I'm not gay

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Well, I missed a call from Target yesterday, And I called back seeing what was needed, the lady I talked to said she couldn't tell me anything since she's not hiring staff, and to call or come to the store the next day (Today) well, I went up there dressed nice, and with a happy attitude, and the manager told me that All the interview slots have been filled. Whatever that means, But basically because my POS phone got stuck in vibrate mode, I missed the call of calls. The one chance I had to probably get a freaking job. I'm not completely out of the game just yet, but still, I'm not to inclined to believe they'll contact me back again unless the people who they interview don't make it, don't show up, or just fail. But that's unlikely, seeing how during the holidays stores will hired damned near anyone. I'm frankly upset with myself, I finally make the effort to get on my feet and get a job, but something just HAD to prevent me. But I'm not going to give up. I'm going to bug the shit out of these people until they tell me No, stfu and don't come back.
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