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Tired of this "techno" bs

Okay. "DJ cammy" Is not a fucking DJ! He's a piece a failbag who uses virtual DJ and just speeds up and distorts already good songs calling them his own. And for fuck sakes, Don't tell me Teisto is real techno, because he's in the same fail catergory as Cammy, only he can actually make his own music to an extent. For the love of god you little idiots. Stop calling anything and everything techno. Lol, Sandstorm... WAS NEVER GOOD. It's an overplayed song that little kiddies think they can spin a glow stick and call themselves a raver. GTFO. you're just a wanna-be (most likely) an E-tard. GTFO. God. WHY IS IT SOME PPL ARE SO BLOODY STUPID? I mean.. Seriously, Some 'friend' of mine said he went to some 'rave' that played OMFG DJ CAMMY, and... SANDSTORM FTW 1337H4X.  "What else did they play?" Uh, some sort of song that sounded like 'techno' only alot faster and had no vocals, which is NOT rave music (according to him)


Want a rave? Check out Cyberaver events. Or Some of Horrible childrens events. Those 'raves' at conventions don't fucking count.

Yeah, rant rant negativity, i'm just irritated at how some people can be some ignorant!

Disclaimer: I am not at all calling myself a music expert, or a true raver. I am merely a Electronic music eunthusiast who goes to places at clubs to dance and enjoy dance music with other fans. I don't do drugs nor smoke either.

/prepares for the flames from the idiot ppl who added me as a friend and don't know me


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