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Fuck Dell
I received a farely good Dell a few months ago, due to my stupidity I bent 2 of the CPU pins down in the socket. well, Skip forward a few months and I finally tried to fix it, and did... Well, I thought so, Video crapped out, so I got a new card, Fixed it, but it's laggy as shit even with new ram, graphics card, and a power supply. I freshly reformatted it, still nothing. I guess I just need ot get a new motherboard that'll go with the CPU, ram and video card I have.

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Yes, fuck Dell up the ass sideways with a spiked gauntlet

My parents have a Dell printer. I was printing pictures for my borther's memorial service and had to install a new ink cartridge. The cartridge was defective and gave the printer an incurable error. My parents NOW have a Canon printer. :P

Re: Yes, fuck Dell up the ass sideways with a spiked gauntlet

A non Dell motherboard, and I think I should be good to go!

Yeah, Dell seems to be short on quality recently; however, my father has a corporate line of credit with them through his employer and he has not had any problems whatsoever with any of his purchases: Two flat-panel LCD HDTVs (27" and 42"), an XBox 360, and two digital cameras so far. My Dell is almost four years old now... Who knows? ^_^ Hit and miss, I guess. They'd not be in business anymore if the majority of their customer base was pissed. Catboy's deal was definitely a raw one, but for one raw deal there may be niney-nine good ones. That said, HP and Toshiba are better! :P

You and your Technology :P

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